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Presents the state of the art in fat taste transduction a bite of cheese a few potato chips a delectable piece of bacon a small taste of high fat foods often draws you back for more but why are fatty foods so appealing why do we crave them fat detection taste texture and post ingestive effects covers the many factors responsible for the sensory appeal of foods rich in fatneural plasticity in adult somatic sensory motor systems ford f ebner vanderbilt university nashville tennessee advances in vagal afferent neurobiology bradley j undem johns hopkins asthma center baltimore maryland daniel weinreich university of maryland baltimore maryland the dynamic synapse molecular methods in ionotropic receptor biologyreflecting 15 years of psychophysical behavioral electrophysiological and molecular studies this book makes a well supported case for an oral fat detection system using carefully designed behavioral paradigms it explains how gustatory textural and olfactory information contributes to fat detection the book also provides a detailed account of the brain regions that process the signals on top of that folks with low overall processed meat consumption typically have a healthier lifestyle on the flipside people who eat more processed meat are less likely to be physically active and they are more likely to be smokers drink alcohol and be obesefat detection is a comprehensive opus devoted to bring together numerous relevant aspects of mammalian fat consumption the book contains 22 chapters written by leading experts in their respective fields and is organized in 7 parts

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