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We are working with countries to reap the multiple environmental benefits of retaining their forests in alliance with the world wildlife fund and local and international partners the world bank helped brazil secure around 24 million hectares of amazonian forests about the size of the united kingdomthe banks efforts have also helped classify 454 million hectares of the amazon as now to create the side scrolling appearance lets add grass using the grass image from the image library one way we could create this moving environment would be to pretend our canvas was 3000 pixels wide and thats how wide our level was and draw as many grass blocks to fit those 3000 pixels moving them over each timepotential solution for estimating lai by rapidly extracting dense three dimensional structural data of trees in a forest environment abstract three dimensional reconstruction of trees and the estimation of biophysical parameters is significant for the management of forest resources ecological studies carbon cycle and biodiversity a forest is a large area dominated by trees hundreds of more precise definitions of forest are used throughout the world incorporating factors such as tree density tree height land use legal standing and ecological functioninfluence of forests on environment abdul sahim ansari 1 abstract forest is an area set a side for the pt auction of timber and other forest produce or maintained under woody vegetation for certain indirect benefits which it provides forest constitute some of the most complex natural ecosystems of the world environment may be analyzed

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